2012 – 2022 Selected Work:

Dance Film: 4x28m/m Fall Winter 2021

Dance film created by Mirrorless Dance, in collaboration with 4x28m/m clothing.
Director: sheng-Yang Su, Ally Chou
Assistant : Tobey Chen
Producer: Cindy Ho
DP/Editor: sheng-Yang Su
Choreographer: Cindy Ho
Dancer: Cindy Ho, Zhong Kai Ning, Senwenchiutzu
Art Director: Hikky Chen
Styling Director: Chunfong Wu
Stylist Assistant: Yu Jean, Sean
Makeup: YenTing Makeup
Assistant: Rowling
Hair: Zi Wei Lin
PM: Chia Yu Liu

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My first name is Sheng Yang
Last name is Su - A dude lives in Taipei.
I do a lot of cool stuff
I mean very... cool stuff
as cool as a cucumber.

︎ emailtofinger@gmail.com