Kode9: Hyperdub 10.3 Mix

Edited by Su Sheng Yang.
Animator : Mung Li 
Commissioned by: Dazed and Confused Magazine

From Dazed and Confused Magazine:
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hyperdub, we're posting a handful of video articles about this awesome record label today. Here's the first-look of a mix and video from their new compilation.
All day today, we're posting articles from one of London music's most important underground labels: Hyperdub. Run by sound theory academic and bass music producer Kode9, they began by probing the disparate outer reaches of London's bass music explosion of the 00s – Kode himself once half-jokingly described the label as a project to show to dubstep what it doesn't realise it is. On a series of releases from such crucial underground artists as Burial, The Bug, Zomby and Joker, they explored the tension, sensuality, fear and excitement of life and music in those hady days. Recent years have seen their mission, and this is a label with a mission, expand to take in artists with a common sensibility from around the world – Kuwati-American producer Fatima Al Qadiri's standout record from last year, Asiatisch, is an excellent example, a work of high concept dance music taking on the outer strands of London's grime and combining it with a theoretical understanding of the West's attitude to Asia.
Today sees the launch of their third compilation of their tenth anniversary year, 10.3. Drawing the dots between the label's beatless explorations, Kode has mixed a set of tracks from The Bug, Lee Gamble, Fatima Al Qadiri, Dean Bunt DJ Earl, Ikonika, Inga Copeland, DVA, and Kode9 himself, and we commissioned the Taiwanese animators Finger And Toe to make an accompanying video, based on the camouflage from the cover art.