2012 – 2022 Selected Work:

Short Film: Warmy Bear 小熊暖糖

Written and Directed by 蘇聖揚
Produced by 何欣 
Director of Photography 樹島忠雄
Edited by Susan
Cast (依出場順序) 洪毓璟 賴品丞 茅睿 周穆 洪麗香 張皓鈞 鄭楠鐘 陳奕安
Music 頂級冷咖啡 - 黃嬉皮YellowHippy This is Not Effortless - True Cuckoo
Fake Blood Maker 何欣 吳汶憶
Production Assistants 吳汶憶 蔡子涵
Still Photography 蔡孟璇
Special Thanks to 陳愛霖 黃嬉皮

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My first name is Sheng Yang
Last name is Su - A dude lives in Taipei.
I do a lot of cool stuff
I mean very... cool stuff
as cool as a cucumber.

︎ emailtofinger@gmail.com